Not impressed with Windows 11 and thinking about switching over to Linux? Addicted to World of Warcraft? Well with the power of Lutris, Proton, and the Ajour addon manager in the @Solus repository, you can keep that addiction and not have to compromise on your WoW classic or retail experience!

If you are interested in learning more, check out this document by Lutris!

@JoshStrobl @Solus WoW is killing itself, what about Final Fantasy 14?

@10leej @Solus Not sure, I don't own FF XIV. Only other MMO I play is Elder Scrolls Online, which is pretty close to being on par with the performance under Windows (and I say this when comparing it doing fairly complex rendering situations like in Cyrodiil PvP or trials aka raids). Might have to grab FF to test though.

@10leej @Solus I know. Still not something I own though :P (in my library)

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