I have 0 interest in dt OS, just thought I'd share @derek

@10leej You will never gain "leet" status. DT's OS will be a complete game changer. ;)

@derek what if I made a 10leej OS? Actually made an ISO behind the calameres installer and shipped dwm, zsh, and a few other things? With really the only defining feature that I put way to much effort behind the keybinds?

@10leej @derek more like "DARBS" aka Derek's Auto Rice Bootstrap Script

@10leej @derek the idea here is to get from fresh arch install to somewhat working system. But rather than use it as is, I'd argue that it's better to treat it as a boilerplate/template to build your own system out of it.

@10leej @derek Give a man distro he will only be satisfied for a week. Teach a man to build a distro, and he will be based for life...

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