How much to want to bet that webkit2 isn't done compiling when I get back from work?

So a livestrem this Sunday where I install some random distos off the distrowatch random button and see if we can get them to work. On hardware.
We're talking full GUI to the point we can get here and make a post with a web browser.

Tomorrow I would have owned a @system76 lemur pro for over a full year....
While I wish I got the gpu, I honestly would say I'm happy with it and would buy another should I need a new laptop :)

This guy distro hops on not just his desktop, but his server too.

That moment you realize you'd rather open a new browser window than a tab.....

Ooh kernel update....
Must avoid compiling, but the temptation is killing me here! I need to actually get work done tonight....

Send me your dotfiles I promise to make videos reviewing them ON HARDWARE because that's how we roll.

Well working so hard I can't even take a screenshot while compiling chromium, lol

I don't really ever look at the federated timeline on mastodon. Maybe that's why I keep some sanity here, lmao.

Been running window managers for what I think seems to be a year now?
I'm working on figuring out how to get power management working like I want it to, but that's a long term project. Ideally unless I have a video playing I don't want the screen shutting off and honestly just haven't dug into how to do that quite yet.

Gentoo and I are a match made in heaven. Now I just need to start stripping useless junk from my kernel and see how light this thing can go.

What would you do if suddenly your favorite linux distro switched from the Linux kernel to say.. the NT kernel?

I have to say, hacking on Gentoo and making it work for me so far has been much more satisfying than arch.
Something about spending 6 hours in setup and eventually booting into that gui. I should really go into more details on this adventure of mine because I've learned a lot, lmao.

That moment you compile a new kernel and accidently forget to add multi core support for your CPU and not realize it until after you reboot and wonder why the computer seems so much slower.

users don't have to turn on the heat when it's cold out.
They just update their system.

And this is what happens when you decide to use ermerge like your supposed to, lol

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best part of Gentoo I get to really make use of the Ryzen 7 2700 I bought roughly 2 years ago. This CPU for the most part has been more or less critically underused.

okok, gentoo makes hacking on it too easy :0 why did I not get to this distro sooner???

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