Ok Gentoo vs Arch vs Solus (minimal) vs Debian (Sid)
What's my daily driver for this month?

Ok, I just can't find myself taking the time to use emacs.
So we're gonna slap it on my writing machine and force ourselves to use and learn Org. (Been using github markdown for 6 years, this is gonna be rough).

Hmm the next distrohacking stream, arch using as many aur packages as possble?

Feels wrong to see this, but for some reason I just want to play the game. Not sure why.

I haven't seen this since my days on Gentoo....
(Processing Vulkan shaders)

Hey @derek If you want share the stream key with me and I can run the patron chat streams. Working on refining my jitsi setup so it's a bit less jank in the future.

I hate that I have to use libreoffice since my workplace refuses to send me files as pdf's like they should be doing.

that moment you can't remember how to setup volumes in docker....

For basically my entire time as a Desktop Linux User. I have always used the Gnome Desktop, but a recent blog post has me disillusioned with it.


@derek you can make Debian Stable a rolling release too.

True freedom is found in BSD, guaranteed freedom is in GNU

If you have some dotfiles to share send them to me and I'll do videos reviewing them on Mondays.

😞 ok fine I'm back to an OS designed and intended for me to do whatever I want.

I'm delving into Home Assistant because I don't want to throw away a perfectly good coffee maker to buy a $100 one to have an automated timer to turn the pot on and off at 07:00 when a smart plug from cloudfree.shop is under $15 (shipping included)

Want to comain about software bloat? Stop using Linux and contribute to GNU Hurd already.
Want to complain about package bloat? Stop using pacman's count and comparing it to APT.

Next month is a great month. Just you watch!

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