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Which is it? Let's settle this.

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At time you read this message, how many browser tabs do you have open?

I keep unmasking packages, I really should just move to ~amd64 already...

Before we jump to gentoo we need to at least experience rawhife

I took a 2 hour walk and now I'm incredible tired.

If I setup gentoo, we're not gonna use sudo or does. We'll just su to root because F sudo and doas

I got the Gentoo install itch again.....

If you guys had to setup a distro for my use how would you set it up?

The only thing I miss from kde is Krunner. But we can rectify that with Robin or dmenu

Fighting the temptation to buy something off aliexpress right now....

LibreElec helped me realize how small my movie collection is. Dammit

Anyone here an audio expert who can teach me if this mixer is as horrible as I think it is?

Ubuntu 21.10 is irrelevant to me. It's so irrelevant I heard more about it than the Wondows 11 release.

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